Hi, our company has positioned itself like advanced in python and JavaScript languages. Basically we specialized on frameworks like Django and Django based django cms, Wagtail, django REST. For JavaScript we use Angular, React. See our work.

We work in team and provide experience of each member to solve difficult problems, whatever easy tasks each of us can do ilself.


Site developed from skrach. It is yellow page classifieds site. Therme was purchased. Registration was made throw token to check email address. Content automatically fills from most popular sites in luxembourg. We used selenium and write more then twelve spiders, to get actual adverts. User even can add post without registration, but other visitors will see post after user will be registered. Google map integrated and finalized for site needs. We provide dedicated server from our partner WishHost, and deploy project on production.

Site to lease cars. Google maps integrated. Interesting solution was provided for set car rent: form fills by parts without update page even if user will leave site, approved parts will be saved. From skrach to deploy.

Multi domain online store aggregation. Data addition throw 1C import, yml file. Characteristics of position loaded from icecat api. For search used sphinxsearch engine.

Site exchange with integrated payment systems of privat24 and Bitcoin Was written on django CMS to easter content management and integration of blog and faq parts. From skrach to deploy.

We worked at integration of Google docs, MailChimp, Salesforce.

Refactor. Improve.



About Us

The company provides software development services to its customers. We create web and mobile application to both businesses and individuals. At this moment the company is registered in Kharkiv, Ukraine.We aim to be experts in Python language and related frameworks.
Team has 7 developers at the moment.
We develop with Python, Swift.


The mission is to provide a high quality of technology services locally, nationally and internationally while making it easy to work inside the company and with the company from outside.


Use technology to create better interfaces.